Sunday, October 26, 2008


Building a deck requires a good plan. I researched using google and talking to big Ben, and here is the list:

What will you do with your deck? Grill, furniture, swing...etc. Some said it should be the same as your living room. Other said you could create some template on the floor to see if that space fits your needs.

My selection size is 20x14.

Wood: Cedar
Composite: Trek, TimberTech, Veranda
PVC: Azek, Timbertech XML, Trek Escapes, Quadra

There are so many materials available on the market. If you plan to stay your house for a long time, and you don't want to spend a lot of time maintenance, you should consider composite. One of contractors said a deck was a deck. You would not get back your money when you sell your house.

The main reason for using Composite and PVC are maintenance free. Actually, it's low maintenance. There's no such thing me

A few contractors recommend to use composite/pvc railings and cedar boards because railings are hardest to stain, and it reduces cost of a deck.

My selection: Azek deck board and Ancorail for railings.
Local company in Bunsville, MN


Like buying a car with luxury options: leather, navigator system, alarm...
Decking is almost the same, you can upgrade landing, diagonal pattern, light on post...etc.

I really pay attention on strong deck. There are a few techniques to build a deck. You can read something here

City codes are also required to build a deck in MN.


my selection:
GlenMark Construction
Mark Lintula
7724 Riverdale Drive, Brooklyn Park, MN 55444
MN Lic.# 9207
Office 763-566-0051
Cell 763-286-2841

Worth to mention:

Azek deck board with aluminum railings, and cedar post

Hopefully, I can add a door here next Summer.

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